Líneas del Sur is me, Mariana

And this is why I started importing books in Spanish from Latin America

The story of how I founded Líneas del Sur is a simple one - I wanted to be a part of the literary culture of Argentina, but couldn't find in the United States, any of the authors or titles my friends recommended.

I live in Seattle, but grew up in Argentina, and whenever I am home in Buenos Aires, I ask my best friend for book recommendations. She's my connection to current local culture, which is so vibrant, changes so rapidly, that it's almost impossible to stay on the cutting edge if you aren't actually there.

So we went to a local bookstore together where I purchased over ten books based on her suggestions - authors and titles that are not available in the US. They were worth the weight in my suitcase!

When the global pandemic kept me from making my annual trip home I ran out of small press books to read, and then I had an epiphany: if I can't travel home for books then I should find another way to bring them to the United States.

This is how Líneas del Sur became a reality.

For those who get homesick (as I do) Líneas del Sur is a community for you to connect with emerging voices in Latin American literature. We also bring opportunities for those that want to explore new horizons and discover new cultures.

Please join me in enjoying the vast and exciting cultures from Latin America through books, stories and fresh voices!

meet the team

Gabriela Adamo

I have worked for many years in the book world. I learned a lot from great teams in publishing houses, book fairs, universities, and literary festivals. My obsession has always been to make books travel and meet their readers; that’s why I’m very happy to join Mariana in this journey, hoping for ever more South in the North.

Paloma Zeiguer

For the past two decades, I've been working in market research, exploring messages and methods of communication. However, my heart truly lies in literature. Reading is my greatest passion, and I devote most of my time to it. Books play a central role in my life and in my home. Moreover, I find pleasure in studying language, usage, and grammar.

I've recently joined Líneas del Sur to curate literature and create content and book reviews. Looking forward to exchanging literary ideas and recommendations with you!

Stephanie Lozada

I am a writer of short autofiction stories and a passionate reader. My love for books inspired me to create a home library for my children and myself, allowing me to introduce my family to the world of words and share the fascinating worlds that books offer us.

At Líneas del Sur, I'm responsible for managing our social media presence and collaborating in any way possible.

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